Tired of it all…

My life is not horrible and I’m very grateful but I’m tired of all the fake people! I can’t decide who to befriend because of who you are and how you act
Let me tell you about this one girl I won’t tell you her name but I’ll call her ‘d’
She is one person I’m not to fond of. She swears she’s all big n bad when just this year she cried because she thought these girls were going to jump her… And no it wasn’t because she was mad it was because she was scared. Then she wants to say behind there back that she doesn’t give a f*** and she will whoop there donkey ( she says the curse words) ‘d’ please have a seat I’m trying to be so nice but you really need to think before you say. Every time you talk about someone saying your gonna beat them up n that “dey ain’t gonna touch you” I think fake fake fake and more fake please just sit down n stop tryna show out. Its not necessary you just want attention. M not trying to gossip I’m just expressing my feelings because Im tired of keeping it in. I’ve already told her I think she’s fake n she thinks I’m playing but I’m dead serious no joke….. Anyways this was a huge relief if you read this Thank you and if you think I’m wrong please tell me so I can see from different perspectives

Smile your beautiful


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